1. I have read, understand, and accept all the rules, code of conducts, terms and conditions, and polices stated in the Academy Policy handbook (can be accessed at https://tijaysports.com/academy-policy).
  2. I hereby declare that the information and record(s) submitted as indicated above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  3. I declare that I am physically fit and know of no medical condition which would prevent me from participating in the activity.
  4. Whilst reasonable precaution will be taken by TIJAY SPORTS and its agent(s) to ensure participants’ safety, I understand that as a member/participant, I take part at my own risk. TIJAY SPORTS and its agent(s) will not be held liable for any injury or death arising from participating in the activity or for any loss of or damage to my property occurring in the course of the activity, except for such injury or death that is caused directly by TIJAY SPORTS or its agent(s)’ breach of legal duty of care.
  5. I hereby consent to receive medical treatment which may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident and/or illness resulting from participating in the activity. I confirm that I have medical insurance to cover any injury or damage that I may incur or suffer while participating in the activity, failing which I agree that all medical costs to cover the aforesaid injury or damage will be borne wholly by myself. I also allow the organization to disclose relevant exposure and medical records to the designated representatives during an emergency.
  6. In consideration of TIJAY SPORTS allowing me to participate in the activity, I undertake that if, in the course of the activity, I deliberately or negligently cause any injury (whether fatal or otherwise) to any person or any damage to or loss of any property of any person, I shall indemnify TIJAY SPORTS if that suffering person makes claims or takes actions against TIJAY SPORTS or if TIJAY SPORTS has to pay for the costs or expenses.